The Works of Faith

James 2:26 “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.”

Faith is an action word that’s based on the voice of God. We are called to walk as sons of God, that is of the same order of God Himself. Faith confers divinity on humanity, causing man to rise to the level of God. When God speaks all doubts are crushed. We have immovable confidence in the face of adversity when we know God has spoken.

Despite this reality of the power of faith, many people still live an impotent life. This is because of logical thinking. Faith defies all logic that faces the human mind. When operating in faith, one must act based on the voice that was heard in time of fellowship with God. James 1:5-7 teaches that when operating in faith, we must be stable in our thoughts and expectation. When the voice is heard, we must proceed without making analysis based on the circumstance. Faith does not suggest that we act contrary to common sense, but in spite of situations that seem to challenge the voice of God, we must act.

We see in Exodus 14:15 that Israel was given the command to go across the Red Sea, when the armies of Pharaoh were in pursuit behind. This seemed like a hopeless situation, and the command defied all logic. However when the voice of God is received, we are compelled to act so as to see results. It was when Israel acted on this voice that they saw results, Psalms 114:1-3 records that the sea saw them and fled. Why? Because they had put works to the voice heard.

Are you faced with a seemingly hopeless situation? Take time out in worship, meditating in God’s promises as it pertains to you in that circumstance and pray with the earnest expectation of the voice. Confidently and thankfully expect the voice of God to be heard. When you hear this voice, plan accordingly, and then do it!
It is a lifestyle of complete trust and confidence in God. You must be willing to stick it through with God, no matter how long it takes.

Scriptures to Meditate: Num.13:30, Psalms 29:3-9, James 1:5-7,25, Psalms 119:105,130

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