Right Words

Job 6:25 “How forceful are right words! But what does your arguing prove?”

There are people with different personality types with attributes that are expressed in various ways while in conflict and conversation. One of the most important skills one can develop in dealing with people is to speak appropriate words. Some people are blunt to a fault “I tell it just as it is”…while others are sincerely insincere, as they try to carefully to speak “correctly”. The problem is keeping the truth away in order to not hurt someone is sometimes more detrimental than good. But there are right words, these are words that may pierce, but they have within them a healing balm, these are words that proceed from a heart of agape love (the nature of God), these are words that have their foundation in the Word of God.

Words are not ordinary, they are seeds which live! “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” No! They’ll kill you if used incorrectly. Proverbs 18:21 says the power of death and life are in the tongue. This is why words spoken when we were kids or in a past relationship still ring on in our hearts and many times define the boundaries of our life. In order to have an impact in life, relationships or in any situations it is important that we learn to speak right words. Right words are forceful in breaking the barriers of life.

There are no better words to speak than the words of God. The Scriptures are a love book given on to us, and as we find the promises of God therein we ought to speak these right words over our lives, over our families, and in our relationships. In our relationships rather than “tell it as it is”, speak words of life. Bless (speak good off as if it were already so) rather than curse (speaking the evil at hand).

Do a survey of the words that come out of your mouth in a day. Are they right words? Else take from Scriptures, and learn to speak like God speaks.

Scriptures to Meditate:  Matt. 12:34-37, Prov. 10:19; 13:2, Isa. 3:10, Gen. 1:28, Rom.12:14, Jam.3:2

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