God’s Timing, Our Readiness

Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He has made everything beautiful in its time…”

Do you find yourself frustrated with where you are right now, whether spiritually, professionally, relationally, or otherwise? Are you thinking there has to be more to life than the mediocre cycle of sleep, work, church, sleep, eat… If yes, you are not alone, I am with you. Despite our state of dissatisfaction, we must know and believe that God wants to give us the desires of our hearts, and that it is His idea to bless us beyond our expectations (Psa. 37:4, John 10:10 Amp). He also wants to take us deeper and further in our walk with Him and in the things He has called us to do. However, there is a season for everything (Ecc. 3:1). Often, we desire the right things at the wrong time. Something that’s perfectly good, may in actuality be dangerous for us at a particular moment, because we’re not ready for it. And God knows that. He loves us too much to give us too much. We must understand that our Father’s timing is perfect and precise (Ex. 23:29). He knows the plans that He has for us (Jer. 29:11). The message bible says, “I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out.” He sees the big picture!

The Christian life is a victorious life. Notice, it is not “supposed” to be a victorious life, it already is. Everything we need has already been given to us in the spirit, even beyond our imagination (Eph. 1:3, 3:20). The frustration we feel, I believe, is a symptom that there is more God has for us; and there is. But are we ready for it? I find that answering that question can be difficult and really something only the Lord can do. So, what can WE do? Simple: Matt. 6:33, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well”.

Let go of your desires today and be concerned about God’s desires. Let Him determine when you are ready for whatever it is you are hoping for. He knows what’s best, He knows precisely what you need and He knows how to work everything together for good (Rom. 8:28). Let Him orchestrate the symphony of your life.

Scriptures to Meditate: Eph.1:11, Prov. 10:3, Isa.33:6, Heb. 6:12, Prov.16:1,3,9

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