Preserving Agreement in Relationships

Agreement in Relationships Preamble Over the past year people have come to me for relationship advice, and interestingly matrimonial relationships in particular. Initially I thought nothing of it because I saw many of the issues as issues of the person involved and I am able to instruct and exhort as necessary from the Scriptures. However… [Continue Reading]

Aggressive Wives and Passive Husbands

Many couples I have dealt with in counseling fall in the “aggressive wife and passive husband” category. Through this article, we’ll examine and suggest ways for couples who fall into this category to get along using biblical principles. Aggressive vs. Passive Personalities Aggressive people are usually “in your face”, they follow you around when there… [Continue Reading]

What happens when your wife makes more money?

What happens when your wife makes more money? The above question is one that I get asked very often as I travel especially when people realize my wife’s profession (family physician). I have alluded to my belief on the above issue several times in other articles; however, I think I need to deal with it… [Continue Reading]

Navigating through bad marriages

Every couple I know disagrees about something, if it’s not what type of car to buy, then it is getting ready for church on a Sunday morning, or getting their four year old out of daddy and mummy’s bed. Resolving these differences does not constitute a bad marriage. 1 Corinthians 7: 28b is a verse I… [Continue Reading]

Should Men Listen to Their Wives

One of the things I do with my boys that I would cherish as long as I live is taking them to Bible study fellowship every Monday ( In one of the past years, we studied the book of Genesis and for a couple of weeks the study was focused on Abraham, Sarah and Hagar…. [Continue Reading]

Sex…the good, the bad and the ugly

The word sex invoke different meaning and passion in many people, many church folk actually think the word is a curse word and the act itself is sinful, St. Augustine one of the early Greek converts and great writer in the early church actually wrote that sex without procreation is sinful. On the other hand the secular worldview of this age (generation) suggests that sex is strictly for recreation and your imagination is the limit when it comes to what you can do with sex.

5 Love Languages

Do you feel your spouse doesn’t love you anymore? Does it seem like everything you do is not enough no matter how hard you try? It may be you’re not communicating in your spouse’s love language! If there is a book that made the biggest impact in our marriage, the “Five love languages” by Dr…. [Continue Reading]