Leadership In Crawford Loritts book, Leadership as an Identity, he makes the case that Christian leaders should possess the characteristic of brokenness to be successful. I am an avid reader of leadership books and have done fairly extensive research on the subject. Most leadership books focus on positive characteristics of leaders, so the idea of… [Continue Reading]


If Pride and Fear had babies, one of them would be named Jealousy. Jealousy clothes itself in Designer Anger. It bathes in the most expensive Bitterness that emotions can buy. It disguises itself with false humility. Its true intentions are like fragrance that one puts on everyday- can’t smell it, but others sure can. Jealousy takes root in the heart and then consumes it in the same way that ivy consumes the frame of a house

RSS Subscribers Thank You

I want to use this medium to thank all the new subscribers to the Eden Life Magazine. The Eden Life Magazine is an inspirational magazine initiative written from a Christian world view. The goal is to give people hope and empower them to take on each day victoriously and purposefully. The site features daily devotionals… [Continue Reading]

10 Tips to Avoid Student Loans

The question now becomes if these loans could have been avoided. Certainly! However it takes diligence and proper planning for this to work. The first and probably best attack against school loans is to study hard for the SAT and get outstanding scores with which one can get a full ride scholarship

7 Ways to A Long and Healthy Life

God is the giver of life, and we know that all good and perfect gifts come from Him (Jam.1:17), and that includes life. This means to have victory over sickness and disease, as well as having full body function till the body wears out completely, and being happy and strong in old age.

Taking Your Spouse for Granted- A Healing Story

Advice for Relationships Those of us in ministry (full or part time) or those that have been married for many years and have a great marriage often run the risk of taking each other for granted, and often put the other person’s need behind everything else including working for God or other egoistic events outside… [Continue Reading]